September 18, 2021
Plot Area

What is Plot Area, Slab Area, Carpet Area Setback Rules

Difference Between Plot area, Floor area, and Open area building plan. Every civil engineer must know about all area sizes. Plot area commonly known as site area is a piece of land enclosed by definite boundaries. The horizontal distance between the front and rear site boundaries is known as the depth of the plot area. Land surveying or calculating plot area is areas indicated total area of constructions.

What is Plot Area

Plot area is intended to construct a building. Know differences between the Carpet area, built-up area, and Open plinth area. Built-up area is the carpet area plus the thickness of the outer walls and the balcony. The plot area is surrounded by boundary line fencing is called a plot area. The Plot area term is majorly used in gated communities, townships. to identifying plot in large scale apartment base land of particular individuals. The plot area is the amount of space allocated for the project as a whole including parking spaces, landscape areas etc. Plot area is almost covered with construction area. Built Up area plinth area sizes. In Simple Area excluding empty space around the building is called built up or plinth area. Builtup area and plinth area is referred as built up area. Empty spacearound the building is called built up area or plinth area.

Simple Formula for Built area
Built Area = Carpet Area + Thickness of all Walls + Balcony

What is Carpet Area

Carpet Area: Without Walls, Carpet area is an area which is enclosed within walls. Area excluding walls in the built up area as carpet area. Working area of building generally carpet area is round 90% of built area. Carpet area means internal space within the walls which you can actually use.

Set Back Area Rules

Setback Area: The Setback Area is decided by Authories. The empty space around the building is called setback area. For Village, grama panchayat decided to leaving space, for cities Municipal corporation authority will decide all setback forms. For basic rules leaves 4 ft from all the sides of the building. The reason behind leaving setback area is to make ease for moving. easy to access air, ventilation and it helps during emergency purposes. For High rise building setback buit for upto several meters. for residential building it must be in fts and inchs. For basic engineering plan for residential building setback is more than 1.6ft. Setback area is helps a building to get more daylight and fresh air to the street level

Setback area = Plot area – Built Up Area

Building layout Covered area means the ground area covered by the building and is synonymous to area of the building foot print. It shall include covered parking and other spaces. It does not include the spaces covered by Garden, rockery, well and well structures, plant, nursery, water tank, swimming pool, Water, tank, drainage, culvert, conduit, catch pit, gully pit, drainage chamber, gutter, compound wall, gate, slide, swing, areas covered by sunshade and the like.

Floor space index: Total built-up area/ Plot area

Plinth means the portion of a structure between the surface of the surrounding ground and surface of the floor, first above the ground, area of the building at the plinth level, and shall not include the area of open porch and uncovered staircase.

Minimum open space on sides and rear except front, shall be

1.5 m for building height upto 12 m,
2.0 m for building height upto 15 m,
3.0 m for building height upto 18 m,
6 m in case of high rise buildings 21 m height

Plot area means the area of the land as per the records of the revenue authorities as authenticated by a possession certificate, land tax receipt issued by the Village Officer.

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