January 24, 2022

Thumb Rule for Steel Quantity Estimation PDF

Thumb Rules for Civil Engineer PDF, Basic engineering for the thumb rule for construction helps you in finding out the solutions by using simple formulas. Thumb rule for constructions and basic surveying civil engineering job. Mathematics simple formulas for calculating all site engineering. Here provided detailed information about construction, Civil engineering thumb rule.

1) Thumb rule for concrete volume
The Volume of concrete required = 0.038 m3/ square feet area
Example : Plan Proposed area 40* 40 ft = 1600 sqm area
so, for the proposed plan area of 1200 sqm the area the total volume of concrete is required.
= 1600 X 0.038 m3= 60.4 m3

2) Thumb rule for steel quantity for slab, beams, footing, and columns.
Here mentioned some important thumb rules for steel calculations, steel quantity for slabs, beams. perfect steel calculations for columns and footings. for residential building steel required 4.5kg – 4.75 kgs /sqf
for commercial building plans 5.0 kgs to 5.50kg/ sqm


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