Telangana New Revenue Act Features

CM Sri KCR gave out salient features of the proposed revenue reforms while introducing the relevant Bills in the Legislative Assembly today. The reforms aim at digitisation of land records and land transactions for ease of revenue administration.

Telangana New Revenue Act Scheme

Telangana State Cheif minister announced New revenue act 2020. A comprehensive survey of the entire land in the State will be undertaken to create digital maps of Mandals, Districts and the State. All the land parcels will be geo-tagged to avert disputes.

Telangana New Revenue Salient Features:

  1. Revenue Administration to be revolutionized through the intervention of ICT tools
  2. Comprehensive, Transparent, and Real-time Portal
  3. Registration, instant mutation and real-time updation on Dharani portal
  4. Exhaustive Digital Survey with geo-tagging of all the lands in Telangana — Digital Map of Telangana
  5. Negative list of registration — lands that cannot be registered
  6. Job security to existing VROs/ VRAs — They will be accommodated in other Depts. as per their qualifications
  7. Fast-track tribunals for existing disputes. Revenue courts to be abolished. Revenue officials to have only executive powers.
  8. MROs will double up as Sub-registrars for Agricultural lands. Sub-registrars will handle non-Agricultural lands and also issue mutation certificates
  9. Family will be empowered to decide on hereditary rights Caste certificates to be issued by local bodies; Income Certificates will be fetched from database

Telangana New Revenue Act

I appreciate the decision taken by Honorable CM garu.
However,there is a need to re-check the current prohibited list before auto locking as per the new Govt revenue act as there are many cases where Patta lands are added to prohibited list by mistake.
People have been investing terrible efforts to procure NOC from the Govt. officials for such lands.
Lingareddy Warangal

At any point of time to catch hold of corrupted officers, please maintain a database which gives his income before taking that position & what assets he hold at any point of time based on his payscale has to be reviewed, if found disproportionate assets…terminate that officer & seize his assets
Bharath Reddy

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