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20 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas – That Will Make You Say Wow

Having a bedroom will help you in many ways. Bedrooms are the most important part of the houses. Resting and sleeping is needed in our lives and bedrooms are the best place for this. Even if a guest comes to our house for a couple of days, we need to make him feel comfortable by giving a place to sleep. The bedrooms should look very attractive and beautiful. Here are 20 Bedroom Design Ideas for you guys

  1. Underwater bedroom

    Underwater bedroom Photo credit: worldinsidepictures
    This bedroom is especially for resorts islands as they have started building underwater restaurants, spas and room. Make an underwater room near lots of corals so that we can enjoying looking at them while resting on bed.Everyone will love to own such a room or spend just one day in such places.Or if you live far away from the sea then you can make half of your bedroom a big aquarium and keep other furniture with bed at the other side.

  2. Brown & White bedroom

    Brown & White bedroomPhoto credit: thebrick
    This room is looking like it is made by chocolates. So this would be good for chocolate lovers. The walls and the ceiling are painted in cream color and they have stacked cornice between the walls and ceiling which make the room look better.

    You can see there are number of drawers inside the bed too where you can keep anything you want. The mattress, pillows and blankets are looking perfect as it is lighter than the wooden part of the bed. Even the floor looks so good.

  3. Green

    Green Bedroom Ideas Photo credit: pinterest
    You have already seen a green bedroom over. I think this one is better.

    This is a medium sized room with some drawers, a mirror and a bed, and maybe a cupboard will be there on next side. Green bed sheet, green pillows, brown blanket and brown pillows with green leafy design makes the bed look perfect. The walls are painted green and the furniture are white. It perfectly matches with the bed and white carpet over the light brown floor. We can keep fresh white flowers in vases and attach photo frames on walls which match with the room.

  4. Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

    Dark brown & White Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: pinterest
    Brown lovers! Here is one more for you. White furniture and all white room. All the furniture are white here except the mattress and the pillows. This color look so good on a bed. And that fluffy carpet is giving more attractive look to this formal type room.

    Check out how they have this room. It is really amazing. The framed paintings, vases, lamps and all are placed in perfect places.

  5. Pink Design

    Pink Design Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: pinterest
    This room is looking so gorgeous that you will not even think how small the room is. One of the wall is covered with pink curtains and the walls and the ceiling is painted in pink too. Even the floor is pinkish. The furniture are all white here except one wooden chair. The most attractive thing here is the fluffy blanket. Imagine how comfortable it would be.  Decorate the room with hot pink vases and other decoration items to make the room more attractive.

    Check the marvelous light hanging under the ceiling. It makes the room look like a princess’s room.

  6. Pink bedroom design 

    Pink Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: myvaastu
    Most of the girls love think. So this one is for girls. Everything here looks pink as most are. Paint all the walls with baby pink and decorate the room with girlish items like pink chair, pink glittering painting, pink curtain, pink flowers etc. And add some brown and white things too. And keep cute lamps at both sides of the bed.

    It will look like a fairy tale.

  7. White & Little Red

    White & Little Red Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: interiordesignblogs
    If you love reading books later at night this would be a great idea. Place two tiny book shelves at both side of the wall attached with the wall. And keep books there. And put a study lamp over each shelf. It will help you to study easier than tube lights. Also will give an adorable look to your rooms too. Night readers!! Try it.

  8. Orange

    Orange Bedroom Ideas

    Photo credit: thebrick
    This lovely room is perfect for teenage girls or even for small kids. The bed can be used as a sofa bed too. All the white furniture and orange bed covers and the walls look like a matching theme.

    Place a carpet over the follow where your kids can play with their friends and siblings. It would so comfortable for them. This room is just too cute.

  9. Light blue

    Light blue Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: houzz
    his simple room is looking great. Is you are having a tiny room but want to make it luxury looking then this one is good for you. Paint the walls with blue and paint the bottom of the walls white as a thick layer. Choose the best place to keep the drawers. Like in this image the drawers are places near the window and a sofa is made over the drawers. This is a great idea for people who don’t have much place at their bedrooms.

    Look at the bed. It is so simple. But the mattress, the pillows and the blanket made it look like a modern one. All we need to do is keep matching items.

  10. Black & Golden Yellow

    Black & Golden Yellow Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: homeimprovementpages
    This one looks royal and modern. One wall is fully made by glass. And the top side is painted white and then black. And then those long curtains. They have designed a plain yellow painted wall into a mind-blowing one with some smooth black plywood or whatever and have painted over it. The black bed with white mattress and pillow and black blanket perfectly matches with the wall and the light yellow floor with a fluffy black carpet. Look close and you will see 2 hanging tube lights near the bed. And those ceilings lights too look great. I guess those kinds of light would be better than olden boring tube lights.

  11. Red, Black & White

    Red, Black & White Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: homedit
    Trying to give a new look to your colorless room. Here is a simple idea for you. First of all, get a fluffy bed. And the just paint one wall full red except the doors and add reddish cover with some designs to the header side of the bed. Also attach some painting on the wall. Your colorless room will look totally different in just one day. And decorate the room as you wish.

  12. DIY bedroom decorating ideas

    Red, Black & White Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: home-designing
    Red is the color of love.
    If you are getting married and looking for an idea how to decorate a romantic room then here is a great idea for you. Paint one or two walls all red and make a smooth white floor. Get a black & white bed with red mattress and both red and white pillows. And also a white blanket. Attack red paintings on the wall with black frames. Get some other red, black & white decoration items too. Hang tube lights over the sides of the bed. And get a fluffy red carpet for the floor, and also get a matching sofa with a coffee table, it’s done. A perfect room for love birds.
    Dear Hotel owners. How will this look as a honeymoon suite. For sure everyone will love this one.

  13. beautiful bedrooms for couples

    Green, Nature theme Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: home-designing
    Nature lovers. This one is for you. All the furniture are colorless here. But they have painted little green on the walls which make the whole room look green. The grey floor with white spots gives a unique look to the room.  Except buying wooden shelves to keep books and all they we can make a shelf ourselves same like in this room. White shelves will match with room. Indoor plants are also good to keep as the room will look more environmentally friendly

  14. bedroom decorating ideas

    Gray scale & Yellow Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: hgtv
    Want to transform your old little room in to a luxury one?? Look at this. A tiny single bedroom. People think they can only arrange furniture in bigger bedrooms. But no, no matter the room is small or big, we just have to use our brain and plan. This much rooms will be perfect for a small kid who likes to sleep alone. A fluffy bed, a carpet, a table, couple of shelves and the large window makes it look perfect because of the color combination. We can place a white cupboard at the other side for this room to make it more perfect.

  15. Painting Lover

    Painting Lover Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: goodhousekeeping
    Hello painting lovers!!! Having so much paintings of different sizes and no place to keep?? Check this out!! Paint your room all white and hang them all over the wall. And place a wooden bed with a fluffy white mattress and pillows for our own theme. This room is looking really artistic and you can make your room look same too. Look at that candle stand. Just imagine how romantic will the room look at night while the candles are lit. Decorate your bedroom with what you like.

  16. Pink, Blue & Brown

    Pink, Blue & Brown Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: decoist
    This is a single bedroom for girls. You can see how small the room is. But the way they have arranged the furniture it still have so much open place and looks really cute. The dressing table is also having drawers where you can keep jewelries, cosmetics and many of your useful stuffs except keeping it on the dressing table. And you can see another cupboard with 5 drawers where you can keep books and stationeries easily. Because of the blue painted wall the blue and white carpet too seems matching with the room. Pink is so few here but still it look girlish. This would be great for small girls and teenage girls.

  17. bedroom ideas for couples

    Brown & White Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: srilankaholidays
    You will never hate brown after watching this image. All the furniture are white here, just one wall, curtains and 2 brown pillows made it a unique and adorable brown room. Those short white drawers are looking too cute in this room. Most attractive thing for me in this are the glass windows. They are so big and the long brown curtains make it look even better. You can place some matching paintings, vases, flowers here and there for decoration.

  18. small bedroom decorating ideas

    Sky blue & Light brown Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: leechbedroom
    I guess this is good for beach lovers. It would be great to have a room in a beach resort hotel as it matches with blue beaches. Or even for normal homes this would be awesome. Check that cupboard. It is made inside the wall, which give more free space to the room for other things. And that space in the wall over the bed and shelves next to cupboard helps you to decorate your room with small items for more luxury type look. Be careful when you add attach anything with the ceilings even the hanging bulbs, everything should be matching with the bed and walls.

  19. Black & White

    Black & White Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: homedesignlover
    Here is a bedroom idea for the black & white lovers. Almost everything is black & white here. Those black painted doors and the black floor gives a matching combination with the black & white curtains and the white carpet. And check the bed. Doesn’t it look so relaxing? Of course it does. To make the room darker you can paint the wall like in this image. Or you can paint more or less if you want.

  20. Dark Brown

Dark Brown Bedroom IdeasPhoto credit: girlsonit
Any people around there loves dark colors like black and dark brown nowadays. It has become a fashion too. Many even want their bedroom to look colorless. Here is a great bedroom idea for them. These dark brown furniture and white mattress, pillows and carpet is giving a very amazing look to this simply painted room. The floor too matches perfectly with the rest of the things in the room. The white vase and the white lamp on the dark brown drawers makes the room more attractive.