K Chandrashekar rao about Agriculture Profitable parts

Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao said that there is a need for major shift in the negative attitude that the Agriculture is not profitable as in reality Agri sector is an essential part of the Indian livelihood and its economy. He desired that the country should be self-reliant in the production of food grains and should reach a stage where it would be able to export food grains to other countries.

The CM emphasised that it was the agriculture sector on which majority of the people are dependent, which is supplying food to people and it is supplying raw material to industries. Since Indian economy is an agriculture-based it was able to withstand all the troubles and tribulations. He wanted the government and institutions like NABARD to implement schemes that would encourage agriculture and agri based industries.NABARD Chairman Sri GR Chintala met the CM at Pragathi Bhavan here on Thursday.

The CM held a meeting with the NABARD team of representatives. There was a lengthy discussion that took place on development of agriculture and strengthening of the rural economy.“There are 15 Crore families who are dependent on the agriculture directly and several crores indirectly. It is the farmers who are feeding 135 Crore people in the country. The country should become self-reliant as far as food grains are concerned. No other country in world is capable of feeding a vast population like our country. Hence, self-reliance should be achieved in the food grains production. Along with this, one should study and identify the food needs of other countries, bring in a new policy and export to those countries.

NABARD should undertake a study on this,” the CM said.“Agriculture is also done in this country in whimsical manner. The country has a wide variety of soils. We have hilly terrain, cold climate areas, and coastlines. We have to identify which crop is suitable for which terrain and cultivate only those crops there. The Country should be divided into Crop Colonies. Implement change of crops method. It is not enough if the agriculture produce is increased, the cultivated produce should have suitable marketing.

Otherwise one has to face the adverse conditions in the market. Along with the policy on cultivation, proper marketing strategy should be in place,” the CM opined. “Agri sector is supplying raw material to the industries. Industrialization should also take place. Hence it is important to increased agri-based industries in the country. Encourage farmers to go for regulated farming policy so that they reduce the input costs and increase their income. The government should play the role of a facilitator.

Along with the regulated farming, the agriculture produce should be turned into consumer goods by value addition and this would bring in more profits. Hence the farmers should be encouraged to go in for community farming. Supply machines to farmers so that they can process the food grains and sell them. This is precisely the reason why the Telangana state government has decided to set up Food Processing SEZs in a big way.

This policy should also be duplicated all over the country. NABARD should prepare schemes and programmes to financially assist the setting up of Food SEZs, Food Processing Units,” the CM said.“Another problem that the agriculture sector facing is non-availability of labour. To get over these problems, mechanization should take place in a big manner in agri operations. Sowing, reaping machines should be available in large numbers. Financial assistance and subsidies to procure these machines should also be extended,” the CM remarked.

The CM has instructed officials concerned to make the function of DCCB Banks more effective. Ministers Sri S Niranjan Reddy, Sri Errabelli Dayakar Rao, Government’s Chief Advisor Sri Rajiv Sharma, Chief Secretary Sri Somesh Kumar, State Cooperative Bank Chairman Sri Ravinder Rao, State Rythu Bandhu Samithi President Sri Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, Government Whip Sri Guvvala Balraju, Principal Secretaries Sri Janardhan Reddy, Sri Narsing Rao, Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sandeep Sultania, CM Secretary Ms Smita Sabharwal, Secretary Sri Ronal Ross, NABARD CGM Sri YK Rao, DGM Sri Prasad Rao, MLAs Sri Challa Dharma Reddy, Sri Marri Janardhan Reddy and others participated in the meeting. The CM gave formal lunch to the NABARD team.

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