September 17, 2021
formwork removal time

Formwork Removal Time

Remove Formwork Shuttering Time, Formwork needs proper curing, it should not be removed until concrete hardened. Shuttering is keep the concrete in place until it harden. Formwork basic model, temporary molds into which concrete is poured and compacted to cast concrete. Formwork shuttering is erected in the proper position to cast concrete structural members. using formwork at the site for maintain the shape of the structural members as per design, works on slab, beams, column and it helps to place concrete in the desired form. Basicall formworks have many different types.

Formwork Removal Time, Method

Formwork can be made of plywood, steel or timber based on the need and site conditions. It is usually removed after the primary strengthens the hardening of concrete poured. Formwork shuttering should be done with extreme caution, not to damage structural members. Know more details about the process required for the de-shuttering of formwork as well as the time period to remove the formwork from column, Shuttering against walls, beam, slab, staircase, foundation footing. removal of concrete formwork is also known as strike-off or stripping of formwork.

Formwork is a type of casting mould or box, with all better materials set like container into which fresh concrete is poured and compacted. after concrete is hardened, formwork is removed and a solid mass is produced in the shape of the inner face of the formwork. Removal process for when concrete component achieves sufficient strenth. How much time needed for formwork removal setting. it depends upon grade of concrete, grade of cement, type of cement and temparature, curing methods. Shuttering surface before concreting should be free from any defect/ deposits and full cleaned so as to give perfectly straight smooth concrete surface. concrete has achieved the initial recommended strength, to support the self-weight and any imposed loads, the shuttering is removed for further curing. when calculating time period for settlement, . In general structures carrying construction loads, side timbers shall not be removed within 7 days and supporting timbers within 28 days of placing of concrete.

Time to Removal of Formwork

Type of Formwork Minimum Period Before Striking Formwork
1 Walls and columns vertical Supports 24-48 hours
2 Slabs, with their props left under them 3-4 days
3 Soffits, with their props left under them 7 days
4 Props supporting slabs under 15 feet 7 days
5 Props supporting slabs under 15 feet 14 days
6 Props  supporting arches& beams over 20 feet 21 days

Source:  The American Concrete Institute recommendations

Formwork Removal Process

Formwork Removal Process, In normal circumstances and where ordinary cement is used with general use materials, forms may be struck after expiry of following periods depending upon the type of structural member.

Precautions While removing Formwork

Concrete Formwork Precautions and Time removal Process. The formwork removal is one of the most hazardous jobs in the site. The settlement time period is all about covered as basic following guidelines. If the formwork removal process not properly done it not only affects the structure but also can result in high risk for the labors working at the site. it will affect to construction durability also. here mentioned all precaution following points must be kept in mind during formwork removals here.

  • Check all Horizontal, Vertical Joint areas, The formworks of vertical members are removed first. Shuttering forming soffit slabs should be removed next.
  • Covered corners and the props of soffits are not removed until it is ensured to bear its own self-weight and external stresses effectively. it will be distributed across the steel.
  • Compacting mistakes or any loose material of concrete found in the edges and corners are to be removed for the recommended option.
  • To ensure the safety of workmen, it is to be inspected whether sufficient bracings and work platforms are provided to remove the formwork at higher elevations.

Minimum time before Striking Formwork Removal


Structural Component Time in day(s)
Columns 1
Sides to Beams & Walls 1.5
Soffit forms of Slabs 5
Soffit forms of Beams 8
Props to Slabs 8
Props to Beams 12

Check List

Checklist considered point while removal formworks. The completed formwork shall be inspected and approved by the Engineer-in-Charge before the reinforcement bars are placed in position. Recheck, quality control also major things. Proper formwork should be adopted for concreting so as to avoid honeycombing, blowholes, grout loss, stains or discoloration of concrete, etc.

Checkout More Concrete Formwork Removal Time & Specifications. Basic rule discussed, The curing process requires monitoring and maintenance of moisture and temperature within the formwork. It is crucial that you leave the formwork in place as long as possible. The engineer should always be present during the removal process. The concrete construction strength referred to shall be that of concrete using the same cement and aggregates, used materials with the same proportions, and cured under conditions of temperature and moisture similar to those existing on the work.


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