September 17, 2021

Flyash Bricks Advantages, Disadvantages Which is One best ?

Flyash Bricks ruling construction industry. The new Flyash brick has the potential to completely eliminate carbon emissions. Flyash bricks are well-improved quality bricks used for brick masonry construction structures. it is an alternative for traditional normal clay bricks and red heated bricks. Flyash material can be utilized in a number of ways in building construction products as well as in civil works with adequate durability. Fly ash bricks are lighter in weight and less costly than Clay red bricks.

Flyash Advantages, Properties Uses EasyCompare

Fly ash bricks are made of waste materials which come from the combustion of coal in thermal power plants. Quality Fly Ash Bricks we use of perfect raw materials and Clay bricks are made of clay which is collected from fertile land or the topsoil. The raw materials are blended in desired proportions in a Pan mixer for some minutes and then work starts to shape it and then dry it for minimum 7 days and superb Fly-Ash bricks are ready to use.

Fly Ash Bricks with plastering on both sides will again increase more Heat . Main advantage is that fly ash bricks can be produced in a variety of strengths and sizes. This means that apart from their conventional use in building walls. fly ash bricks can also be used for the construction of a variety of infrastructure projects such as roads and pavements, dams and bridges. Appearance wise, Fly ash bricks has very good looking, attractive color like cement, uniform size and smooth finish works. by mortal matters, uniform size takes less mortar for wall plastering. it almost reduces 40% to 50%.

Plaster of Paris Gypsum plaster can be applied directly without a baking coat. we observe many Cracks in concrete, by these bricks free from cracks, wrap age, pebbles and nodules of free lime. Load bearing, strength matters. it has very much capacity to breakages wastages during transport and handling. The Lower thickness of joints and plaster reduces cracking in plaster. it improves the stregth over time and provides moral greater strength to the structure. On Durability matters, flyash stood stand very tough. Flyash bricks are highly durable and less permeable. Absorb less water and reduce dampness on the walls. It is also highly resistant to attack by mild acid, water and sulfate. fly ash bricks can also be used for the construction of a variety of infrastructure projects such as roads and pavements, dams and bridges.

The fly ash bricks are comparatively lighter in weight and stronger than common clay bricks. Since fly ash is being accumulated as waste material in large quantity near thermal power plants and creating serious environmental pollution problems, its utilization as main raw material in the manufacture of bricks will not only create ample opportunities for its proper and useful disposal but also help in environmental pollution control to a greater extent in the surrounding areas of power plants.

Comparison between Clay brick and Fly ash Brick

Clay BricksFlyash Brick
Lightly bondedDense composition
Varying colour as per soil
Uniform Colour, Attracting looking
Uneven form like handmade formUniform shape looking and smooth finishing
for smoother, Plastering neededNo Plastering Required
Compressive strength is around 35 Kg/Cm2Compressive strength is around 100 Kg/Cm
Thermal conductivity 1.25 – 1.35 W/m2ºCThermal conductivity 0.90 1.05 W/m2ºC
Water absorption 20- 25% Water absorption 6-12%
More porousLess porous
Height WeightLight Weight

Fly Ash Bricks

Flyash Bricks are made from cement, slag, lime sludge, sand, gypsum materials.
Fly ash brick has more uniform shape as they are cast in machine mould system.
Cement grey color
compressive strength – 75 to 100 kg/cm²
Fly Ash Bricks wastage on site is around 2 – 5 %
Water Absorption of about 6 -12 %
Weight is 2.6 kg

Fly ash brick enlarges its scope for application in building construction and development of infrastructure, construction of pavements, dams, tanks, under water works, canal lining and irrigation work etc.

Compare Flyash brick and Redbrick Quora

Fly ash has better ensuring strength than red brick.
For A known fact red brick is not at all nature friendly.
Fly ash brick absorbs more vibration than red brick.
Fly ash brick can be used in support structures but red bricks can’t.
Lastly fly ash is cheaper than red brick.

Advantages of FlyAsh Bricks

Fly ash bricks are less costly and lighter in weight.
Bricks provide excellent and High compressive strength, fewer pours and light-weighted compared to clay bricks.
Fly ash bricks are made of waste materials that come from the combustion of coal in thermal power plants.
Fly-Ash bricks are light weight in compared to clay bricks. It means it’s suitable for big skyscrapers , Less weight means Less load on building , totally safety assured.
Most important thing about Fly-Ash bricks it’s cost-effective and eco friendly than clay bricks.

The fly ash bricks were tested as per IS 12894-1990 that is coed for fly ash-lime bricks and the conventional bricks were tested as per procedure laid down in IS 349 -1973 for the following test:

  • Compressive Strength
  • Water absorption
  • Efflorescence

Flyash Bricks Durability:

Higher Compressive strength as compared to any conventional bricks.
Lower water absorption as compared to conventional bricks.
Higher resistance to Salinity & water seepage.
No salt-pitting tendencies / No efflorescence.

Red Clay Bricks:

Red Bricks are manufactured form Clay Soil
Red bricks do not have uniform shape as they are hand mould made
Red brick has color red to light brown depending upon type of clay used.
Compressive strength – 30 to 35 kg/cm²
wastage on site is more than 10 %
Water Absorption of about 20 – 25 %
Weight is 3.5 kg

Flyash Brick Composition:

Fly ash (55), Lime (20%), sand (20%), gypsum (5%), Cement (0%)
Fly ash (52), Lime (20%), sand (20%), gypsum (5%), Cement (3%)
Fly ash (50) Lime (20%), sand (20%), gypsum (5%), Cement (5%)

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Flyash Bricks reduce emissions

Difference Between Red Bricks and Fly ash Bricks


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