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15 Ceiling Design Ideas – That Will Inspire You | Home Ceiling Ideas |

In this latest generation ceilings are even as important as the walls and the floor. A ceiling can change the whole look of a dining room, bedroom, kitchens and even the washrooms. So do not be lazy while making your ceilings. Make it as beautiful as you can.

Here are 15 selected ceilings design ideas for you.

  1. Hotel lounge Ceiling Design Ideas

    Hotel lounge Ceiling Design IdeasPhoto credit: http://creativejasmin.com

This place looks like a lounge of a big hotel, or maybe a luxury house.

There are many layers in this ceiling and different parts of it is made differently. Look at the nearest design. It has about 5-6 layers and at the middle there is a big ceiling light, which belongs 80% of the it’s beauty.

2. Small Brown Ceiling Design Ideas

Small Brown Ceiling Design IdeasPhoto credit: http://hngideas.com

This one is really artistic. The room looks so small, but no one is going to realize the size of the room if they see a ceiling like this.

This one has simply 2 layers and the top layer is made by glass. And over it there are lights all around which is making it glow. And you can see how they have designed the bottom of the ceiling with woods and tiny lights bulbs.

3. Black & White

Ceiling IdeasPhoto credit: http://hngideas.com

This one is so simple and classy. Just take a look, how they have made it and painted it.

And there are small light bulbs all around the ceiling and some in middle too. You can also see a reflective frame attached with the ceiling. Go make your simple ceilings look classier.

4. Purple & White Ceiling

Purple & White Ceiling Design IdeasPhoto credit: http://splay.google.com

This one is for all who want every part of their rooms to be cute. Paint the walls with white and purple like in this one. Attach a big 3D “U” under the ceiling which perfectly faces to your bed. And paint the 3D “U” purple and other part white. Hang some colorful lights inside the “U” shaped part of the ceiling and it’s done.

5. Yellow & White Ceiling Design

Yellow & White Ceiling Design IdeasPhoto credit: http://www.youtube.comwatchv=1P3j3Y5M2H4

This tiny yellow lounge looks like a 5* hotel’s lounge.

At the 4 sides of this one there are huge ceiling lights and also there are some tiny ceiling lights about some inches away from those huge lights too.

Those 2 “C” shaped darker yellow part is making the ceiling look more perfect with 2-2 tiny lights under them.

6. Black & White

Black and white Ceiling IdeasPhoto credit: http://www.decoist.com

Look how unique this lounge is. The ceiling have just 2 wooden frames attached to it and some small lights over the biggest frame. And at the middle they have hanged a marvelous chandelier which is the most attractive thing in the whole lounge. Make you ceilings look better with such a hanging light.

7. Formal Brownie

Brovine Ceiling IdeasPhoto credit: http://www.houzz.cominexpensive-ceiling-ideas

Those 3D frames of the ceiling makes it look like really formal. It will be good to make such ceilings in offices and meeting rooms. Even the color combination here is so formal too. But it looks really amazing.

If you want a very simple one then try this one.

8. Black & White Ceiling Design Ideas

Black & White Ceiling Design IdeasPhoto credit: http://www.pinterest.com

Do you want your dream home to look like this?

The ceiling here look really luxury but you can also make such at your own home. You just have to make some frames and paint like this. And at the middle they have hanged a royal type chandelier. It is just so simple but still fantastic.

9. Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas

Wooden Ceiling Design IdeasPhoto credit: http://www.pinterest.com

Imagine having a ceiling like this. The middle part here might be made by cement or wood, and the remaining part is made all by wood and all the sides of this ceiling are glowing. You won’t need to turn on other lights when these glowing lights are on.
No matter how small your sitting room is. You can make it look better.

10. Black & White Ceiling Design

Black & White Ceiling DesignPhoto credit: http://www.pinterest.com

This lounge looks small and thin. But everything is perfectly arranged here. Even the ceiling looks perfect with those lights and the way they have given a black frame and then small lights in it.

You are going to feel like a minister while sitting here.

11. White Light Ceiling Ideas

White Light Ceiling IdeasPhoto credit: http://www.pinterest.com

Look at this huge ceiling-light. It is not fully attached to the top, that’s why the sides are glowing like a magic. If you get a huge light like this then you won’t have to do anything else with your ceiling to make it look better.

You can try different colors of lights if you wish to.

12. Blue & White Ceiling Design Ideas

Blue & White Ceiling Design IdeasPhoto credit: http://www.pinterest.com

This glowing blue one can win anyone’s heart. It has 3 different mixed frames with many lights in it. They have painted it so well that it deserves an award too. You can have such ceilings at your rooms if you wish to. Just call the experts, show them the image and they will do it.

13. Grey & White Ceiling Design Ideas

Grey & White Ceiling Design IdeasPhoto credit: http://www.pinterest.com

This living room is bigger than a normal sized one. You can see they have left 3-4 feet of the ceiling from the wall and designed middle part. They have given it a pattern too. And at the middle point they have hanged a very beautiful chandelier.

The ceiling also have small lights all around near the wall.

14. Double Purple Ceiling Design Ideas

Double Purple Ceiling Design IdeasPhoto credit: http://www.iheartuproductions.com

This purple room’s ceiling made the room look 2 times prettier. It has a thick frame around and inside is painted all dark-purple while the frame is painted with a very light purple. And the light purple area have lights all around.
And at last, that purple chandelier is making the room look so girlish.

15. White Sky Ceiling Design Ideas

White Sky Ceiling Design IdeasPhoto Credit: http://givemetalk.com

Those glowing squares of this ceiling will give a pure white light to this white room except yellow lights. And also the room will look much better.

Those other small lights remind me of stars. You are going to feel like there are stars over a white sky while resting in this room.