September 17, 2021
Telangana Building permission rules

Building Permissions, Rules, License Fees Telangana

Telangana Government LRS Amendments GO 135 Issued on September 16, 2020, for an amendment to Telangana regularization of unapproved and illegal layout rules-2020. The state government of Telangana issued GO 135 issued for regularization of plots in unauthorized layouts on payments of regularization charges. on-demand/requested have been made by the public, regularization charges specified in the above rules are very high and they have requested to make them as what was provided in the previous LRS scheme 2015. after receiving many requested government considered the above requests many changes amendment to Telangana Regularization of Unapproved and illegal Layout Rules 2020

Telangana Building Permissions Rules 2021

Telangana Regularization of Unapproved and Illegal Layout Rules 2020 Amendments.

The market value of Regularization Charges the plot as on 26.08.2020 (Sub Register value) in Rs per Sq yd

(% of basic regularization charges)
Below 3000                             20%
3001 to 5000                             30%
5001 to 10000                              40%
10001 to 20000                              50%
20001 to 30000                              60%
30001 to 50000                              80%
Above 50000                              100%

  • Pro-rata open space charges: if 10% open space is not availabie in the unapproved layout. pro-rata open space charges@ 14% of the plot value
  • Prevailing as on the date of registration of such piot shaii be paid” The LRS regularization charges includes NALA charges also and no separate NALA charges shall be paid.

Telangana Regularization of Unapproved and Illegal Layout Rules, 2015 released for encouraging development through approved layouts and development of integrated townships through both public and private initiative. lacking in basic civic infrastructure facilities like proper roads, street lights and drainages considered as the unapproved and illegal layouts.

What is Unapproved/Illegal layout ?

Unapproved layout means sub-division of land into plots with or without developed roads, open spaces and amenities and without the approval of the competent authority.

Application for Regularization:

It shall be compulsory for all plot owners in unapproved layouts to file an application in the prescribed format for regularization of the plot/layout before the Competent Authority to apply for regulation for plots having registered sale deed, required documents mentioned below.

1) Copy of registered sale deed/title deed
2) Location Plan
3) Detailed Layout Plan drawn to scale showing plotted area, open area, area under roads and the plot/ plots applied for regulation.
4) Indemnity Bond in the format prescribed

The Andhra Pradesh Building Rules Applicable for Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), All Urban Development Authorities, All Municipal Corporations, All Municipalities, All Nagar Panchayats and Gram Panchayat areas covered in Master Plans/General Town Planning Schemes.

Building Permissions and License Fees:

Building permissions application levy and collect 2% of the Building Permit / License fees, subject to a maximum of Rs.10,000 as initial fees. In case of rejection of building application, the above initial fees would be refunded. The Building permission is valid for 5years in case of High Rise Buildings & Group Development Schemes and 3years in case of Non High Rise Buildings subject to condition that the construction shall be commenced with in 18months. The permission can be revalidated for another 2years on payment of building permit fee.

Occupancy Certificate

Building permissions Occupancy Certificate shall be mandatory for all buildings. No person shall occupy or allow any other person to occupy any building or part of a building for any purpose unless such building has been granted an Occupancy Certificate by the Sanctioning Authority.

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