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Blue Living Room Color Schemes Design Ideas

The key to growing a peaceful, easy and classic atmosphere into your living room one way could be to incorporate blue shades into the décor. Blue has continually been a sign of freshness and beauty. As a result, blue living room designs are usually stylish and stylish at the same time as additionally growing a peaceful surroundings.
Blue Living RoomIn a room filled with basically wooden furnishings it may be difficult to find the right colour for the partitions. However in this situation you have to also don’t forget the usage of complementary shades and blue would make a tremendous desire. You may use blue for the drapes, maybe in mixture with different colors inclusive of gray or beige which can be impartial tones and would not interfere with the accessory coloration.

Blue Living Room
Living Room with rugs

Have a small lounge area? Don’t worry. check out this one. it can be kind of study room too. placing a big carpet on the floor will help you to make it non slippery.
Having a giant window with lovely curtains will make your lounge look more beautiful and it will give peace to hearts too.

Blue Living RoomFluffy huh? get some fluffy sofas and a coffee table and transform your old-boring living room into a modern looking one. You don’t need to match the floor, walls, windows, ceiling and curtains. It won’t look bad as blue matches with all the colors. Decorate the room as you wish. And yeah! Get soft and fluffy pillows for the sofas too.

Blue Living Room
Blue Living Room with white wall

This blue living room seems a bit girlish. Its a great idea for the girls who loves blue. Here we can see 3 different types of chairs, a sofa and a cute coffee wooden coffee table. Everything if different but still its matching.
You can also install a fire place at a corner or side, which will be so useful in winters. Look at that blue and white carpet. maybe that was the reason behind matching all those chairs with each other.

Blue Living RoomThis look can win anyone’s heart. The area is so big and there are 2 huge doors with long curtains which is making this living room more wonderful. If you are tired of watching same floor again and again then here is an idea. Get some beautiful carpets for the floor and change the whole look. Arrange everything and its done.

Blue Living RoomLets say Wow! this one looks like a palace. you can also have such if you have such big area for your lounge. the most attractive part here is the huge window with some little windows above them. And inside, the furniture are kept little far from each other which will anyone roam or work here with much comfort. Nature lovers can keep flower plant pots too, same like this one.

Blue Living Room Color Schemes

Blue Living Room
Living Room a fantastic look

Here is darker one. because of the dark blue wall, everything looks darker here. check out that coffee table. You can keep many books at the bottom parts of the table and can take out when you need them and study. Keeping lamps at sides of the sofa will surely help the night readers and i am sure i don’t have to tell you why.

Blue Living RoomHere is another darker blue one. but this time its golden-brownish too. what a lovely combination. Even this place area looks small but its still perfect for at least 5-6 people for a get-together too. you can also attach paintings on your walls if you wish to.

Blue Living RoomSo blue and so beautiful. This room is not square shaped but they have arranged everything so well. The most attractive things here are that white sun-shaped mirror and that pure white round rug. This room looks aqua blue.

Blue Living RoomPerfect for a big family or group of friends. If you have big family and have less place to sit in lounges then this is a good idea. get some more sofas and arrange them like a “U” in front of the TV. You can keep a table in between as it will be useful.
And the most cute thing here is the mini sofas which is installed on the left and right side of the TV. And Some drawers can be pulled under them where you can keep items like books, stationary, tools etc.

Blue Living Room
leather sofa design

Having empty spaces will give peace to your heart. if there are very less people in a house then you don’t need to get lots of furniture and make the room look full or messy. just get the compulsory furniture like in this one and enjoy. if you have empty places at your lounge then your kids do not have to always go out to play. They can play in their homes too. you just have to use your brain.

Blue Living RoomThis is one of my favorite one here. Half walls made by glass here. And the color combination is so good too. These types of lounges would be perfect for homes, offices, resorts, hotels etc. It looks so formal.
Imagine a get-together here with your friends or lovely relatives. You are going to love it.

Blue Living RoomDo u love reading books? This one is for you. You can read, play, watch TV, sleep and can do may more things here as it has a sofa, book shelves, a TV, and a huge empty area.
You are having all these but your room looks messy?
Well, when decorating a room you should remember that the color combinations and way of arrangements matter too.

Blue Living RoomHere is our last blue living room. And this is another girlish blue lounge.
The way you paint, the way you decorate the room, and the designs of furniture really matter. if you don’t like coffee tables then you can get drum shaped mini tables same like in this one. Isn’t it too cute?