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15 Best Sofa Bed Ideas – For Modern Homes

Sofa beds are nowadays very useful for everyone. Especially for people who don’t have a big house to get all the furniture fixed. Also for people who cannot afford all the furniture.

Sometimes many guests come to your home and spend few days or weeks. And you don’t have enough sleeping for them. In such cases sofa beds are going to be very useful. Here are 15 sofa bed ideas!

1. Pink Sofa Bed

Pink Sofa Bed
Photo by: http://www.pinterest.com
Girls are going to love it, because it is in pink and so soft. You can bend this sofa and transform into a single size bed easily. Make your softer covers for such sofa beds by yourself too. You are going to feel so much comfortable while resting here

2. Double Black Sofa Bed

Double Black Sofa Bed
Photo by: http://blog.homearena.co.uk
This air sofa-bed is really amazing. It is made so well that no one can even think its actually a sofa bed at first sight. We can just unfold the 3 parts and transform it into a big bed where 2 people can sleep peacefully.

This is going to be really helpful when guests come to spend days with you.

3. Circular Sofa

Circular Sofa
Photo by: http://blog.homearena.co.uk
This is a mini sofa bed. It will be perfect for kids’ rooms. You can see that it is circular shaped when it is transformed into a bed. A small kid can easily sleep here. Buy this mini sofa bed for your naughty ones.

These kinds of sofa beds will be available in stores or you can buy them online.

4. Giant Black Sofa Bed

Giant Black

Photo by: http://blog.homearena.co.uk
This grey sofa bed is going to be very attractive in a lounge as a sofa.

This will be really useful when guests come to your place and stay overnight and when you have no sleeping place for them. You just have to pull the part which is under the sofa and then adjust. It will turn into a bed.

5. Futon Sofa Bed Black & White

 Futon Sofa Bed Black & White

Photo by: http://thesmartsofa.com
This one looks really comfortable. Seems like they have kept 2 sofas squeezing with each other. You can part them away if needed. This isn’t going to be less comfortable than a real one piece bed.

These kinds of sofa beds can be found in stores and also you can buy them online.

6. Convertible sofa bed mattress

Convertible sofa bed mattress
Photo by: http://www.decoist.com

This blue convertable sofa bed looks comfortable and helpful too. You can bend it all into a bed. Inside the sofa bed you can see that there is an empty space where you can keep your pillows and blankets and also books if needed.

Now you don’t have to worry sleeping on sofas if there are sofa beds like this.

7. Black Sofa Bed

Black Sofa Bed
Photo by: http://www.ebay.comitmFuton-Sleeper-Sofa-Bed

These kinds of sofa beds will be perfect to keep in cabins of offices. And can keep it at home or anywhere you want.

People who work at offices late at night will love this one. Because if they feel tired because of non-stop works he can rest there or a while, it will be better than sofas. Just transform it into a bed and relax for a while.

8. Black Convertible sofa bed

Black Convertible sofa bed
Photo by: http://www.furnitureinfashion.net
Look how classy this one looks. It has 3 parts to bend down to transform it into a fluffy bed.

This color is going to match with any type of room or hall as it is in black.

Buy a sofa like this and see how easy your life gets when guests come. Or when you have a fight with wife and she don’t let you sleep beside her.

9. White Sectional Sofa Bed

White Sectional Sofa Bed
Photo by: http://www.highlysprungsofas.co.uk
This one look kind of weird. But it is just a folded bed inside the sofa. You can keep it as a sofa normally but if you need a bed urgently then take out the folded bed and fix it finely. And when you are done then fold it back and make it into a sofa.

10. Grey sleeper Sofa Bed

Grey sleeper Sofa Bed
Photo by: http://www.houzz.com
This single sofa bed is perfect for all the readers. Many people out there have made their own study rooms. Place it in your study room and enjoy. You can comfortably sit here while reading and if you are tired then just open up the folded part and bend down the other part. Within a minute it will transform into a bed.  You can comfortably read or sleep if you want to.

11. Green Ikea Sofa Bed

Green Ikea Sofa Bed Green Ikea Sofa Bed
Photo by: http://www.trendir.com
A perfect sofa bed for 2 small kids. You can see that one single bed can be pulled out from the sofa which is inside.

This can be used as a sofa at daytime and a bunk bed while sleeping.

So don’t waste money for different beds and sofas when you can get 2 in 1.

12. Black leather sofa bed

Black leather sofa bed
Photo by: http://www.furnitureinfashion.net
People who like leather sofas can also enjoy sofa beds. This beautiful double sofa can be bend down and transformed into a bed in just few seconds.

If a guest comes and you don’t have enough place to sleep then you can give your room to them and sleep in such a sofa bed. If you have to sleep on a normal sofa then there will be less place and you won’t feel comfortable much. But this one will make you feel like a real bed as it is.

13. Yellow walmart sofa bed

Yellow walmart sofa bed
Photo by: http://www.pinterest.com
This one is perfect for when an unexpected visitor arrives for an overnight.

This sofa bed is made by wood and it looks so simple and unique. You can bend this easily and turn it into a bed if needed. And when you don’t need a bed then keep it as a sofa only.

14. Purple pull out sofa bed

Purple pull out sofa bed
Photo by: http://www.vatgia.com
I have no words to describe how beautiful this sofa bed is. This color will make people love it more. Just imagine how you are going to feel lying or siting here. For sure I’m going to feel like a queen or princess.

Buy such a sofa bed and make your lounge look cuter.

15. Tulip White Sofa Bed

Tulip White Sofa Bed
Photo by: http://kontenta.co.uk
This one is for people who loves white furniture. This leather sofa bed is really simple and white as snow. You can easily bend this too like the previous ones.

These kinds of sofa beds can be placed in lounges and in bedrooms too. This color will match with any room.