Bar Bending Schedule Sheet, Steel Calculation

Bar Bending Schedule Detailed information as per Indian codebook excel format India standards. BBS About steel bars that are going to used for the slab, beam, columns as per design of that structure. It describes type, shape, length, weight, and number of required bars which are going to be used on-site as per structure design. The bar bending schedule provides the reinforcement calculation for reinforced concrete beam/slab as per structure design. It provides details of reinforcement cutting length, type of bends, and bend length. for this purpose, there is a sheet given to the supervision first study of the schedule of bars.

Bar Bending Schedule Format Sheet, Steel Calculations


Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) helps to determine the quantity of steel required in the construction of your house. About dimensioning and bending of bars specified in this standard applies principally to reinforcement bars conforming to IS 432:1960 specification for mild steel and medium tensile steel bars. bending and hooks forming end anchorages unless otherwise indicate in the schedule, semicircular hook or bend forming an anchorage to a bar shall be bent with an internal radius. binders, stirrups, links, etc, the straight portion beyond the end of the curve at the end shall be not less than eight times the nominal size of the bar.

What is Bar Bending Schedule Sheet

BBS Bar bending schedule sheet is all specifications about the required bar, which are going to use on-site as per design structure. BBS Format available in the excel sheet you can download here.

Definition of Bar Bending Scheme?

Steel bar calculation for building construction is termed as Bar bending schedule. Bar reinforce in concrete structure there the construction structure can withstand during the tension force.

Bar Bending Schedule

Hook Length: The hook is the extra length left at the 4th corner of stirrup so that the stirrup retains its shape.

The hook length is commonly provided for stirrups in beams and ties in columns. In general, Hooks are added at the two ends of the rebar in stirrups or ties.

Hook Length = 9d (d is dia of the bar)

The total length of stirrups: Total length of the bar + 2 X hook length
Legth of one hook: 4d + 4d+d

  • Bar mark-this gives the position of the bar in the structure
  • Diameter of bar
  • The shape and bending dimensions of the bar.
  • Length of each bar
  • Number of the same type of bars
  • Total length
  • Weight of each bar per meter length
  • Total weight.

Bar Bending Schedule is given information about Particular of size, Bar types, Shape of bending with diagram plan. Length of each and total length in running meter, weight per unit length, and total weight. by Bar bending schedule, reduce reinforcement wastage in cuttings it helps in improving quality control at the site. It helps in stock management at the site. It helps in auditing of reinforcement and provides a check on theft. It helps in fast preparation of bills of construction works. it helps in the estimation of steel quantity.

Important notes:

The Bar bending schedule, length of the hook may be taken 9D and the total length of the straight bar hooked at both ends may be taken as L+18D. For Angles, cracked, overlapping zones additional length calculated. for 45 cracked or bent up bar additional length for one bent up is, the difference in length of hypotenuse and base.

For 45 degrees crancked bar – d/ sin 45- d
For 30 degrees crancked bar = d/sin30= 2d
Overlap or lap length at joint.

Steel Reinforcement can be cut and folded at the factory and transported to the site or manual work done at site by labor. This increases the faster execution on the site and reduces the time and cost of construction due to the lower demand of workers to bend bars. Importing from direct vendors save lots of time. The bending of bars also prevents the waste of steel reinforcement (5 to 10%) and therefore saves project costs. labour charges saves at the same time.

Bar Bending Schedule format

Detailed information about bar bending schedule. Bar Bending Schedule or BBS is actually a detailed tabulated worksheet showing the particulars of reinforcing bars as needed in reinforcement drawings of a structure. Information for schedule works. The phrase “Bar Bending” is so because at the steelyard where different types of reinforcement are cut and bent this table is used as a reference to bend the reinforcement bars in desired and required shape and sizes as per structure design.

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