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15 Awesome Bathroom Ideas

People say we need 3 things to live our lives. And they are food, shelter and clothes. But I think keeping ourselves clean is also not less important than having food and wearing clothes. Having a good bathroom will will help you in many ways.

Nowadays everyone is installing at least 1 or 2 bathrooms at their homes. And people make sure that their bathrooms also look as beautiful as other parts of their homes.

Here are 15 ideas for you.

  1. White & Grey

    Photo credit: http://www.diy.com
    This is good for people who have small bathrooms but still want to make it look like a high class one . Everything which is needed for a bathroom is here. Also there is a shower room at one corner, which made this bathroom better.Attach tiles on the walls too. It will give a long life to them.

  2. Black & White

    Photo credit: http://www.diy.com
    This is a medium size bathroom. Almost everything is white here. But those black decorations, black rug and the towel looks so good and more attracting.You can keep bath tubs at a side instead of making a shower room. It will be more comfortable to take shower than that the previous one.

  3. Green & Grey

         Photo credit: http://www.glasgowbathroom.co.uk

    The walls here are painted green, which is giving a very cute look. The walls near the bathtub have tiles attached to save the walls from water.If we don’t have place for shelves then you can add one more short wall behind the toilet seat and sink where you can keep the items you need like, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, brush etc.

  4. Green & Grey

      Photo Credit: www.which.co.uk

    Another small bathroom. Give a darker color to the wall tiles. It will look good with the white toilet seat, sink, bathtub and others.If you have a big window like in this at your bathroom, it will be a good idea to get fresh air in and put bad smell out.Also you can get clothe hangers like this. You can hang many clothes and towels here.

  5. Purple

        Photo credit: http://cafe.nowaroos.com

    Have you ever seen a purple bathroom? Maybe yes. But just check out!If you love purple then this one is for you.Make square shaped box like empty spaces inside the wall where you can keep different items which you use while taking a shower. Paint insides with white and rest of the wall purple. Make a half feet wall next between the bathroom area and the bath tub. Paint it and outer part of the bathtub with purple. Keep other things white.

    You can also have black and white designed tiles for the floor. It will look matching.

  6. Red & White

    Photo credit: http://blog.estately.com

    This is like a dream. One wall is painted pink, one with red and one with white.The bathtub at the corner is having a rubber curtain over it which can be spread all around if needed.To match the amenities and other things with the walls you can buy the curtain with a matching colored design and paint the same design on other things.

  7. Red, White & Black

              Photo credit: http://homespike.org

    Here is another red bathroom. All the walls are made with 3 colors of tiles here.Love the way they have made the ceiling. It looks like a giant bulb.Look at the bathtub. A tiny shower room is connected with one end of it. Imagine taking a shower here. Would you like to leave soon?

  8. Blue & White

    Photo credit: http://mycleaningsolutions.com

    Look how small this bathroom is. But they have fixed a bathtub too with a toilet seat and a sink. The dark brown floor with wooden pattern look amazing with the shiny blue walls as all others are white.If you want to change the look of your small boring bathroom then this would be a great idea.

  9. Green & White

    Photo credit: http://www.broowaha.co

    Paint your bathroom like this and feel like you are showering in a pond surrounded by green trees. This is so green. What a nice combination. We can put matching colored dustbin and decoration items to match with the walls.You can put a plastic chair next to the bathtub and rest on it while drying yourself after the shower.

  10. Blue, Black & White

    Photo credit: http://www.broowaha.co

    If your bathroom is black & white and you want to change the look without any hard work, then paint the left and right wall with blue.This small bathroom have everything arranged so finely that it still have enough empty place. For a unique look, attach a circular mirror on the wall just over the sink instead of a rectangular one.You can also attach paintings on walls if you like to.

  11. White and Blue

    Photo credit: http://www.broowaha.co

    How is this idea? They have a normal sized shower room, a big sink with counter, a big mirror, a toilet seat, a bathtub and many more here.Those lights on the mirror is a great idea to see yourself clearly without shades. And the shower room looks comfortable as it is big enough for one person.Most important advantage of a shower room like this (covered with glass) isit will not let the whole bathroom/washroom get wet.

  12. Red & White

    Photo credit: http://www.impressiveinteriordesign.com

    This one is so classy. Look how they have arranged the tiles of 2 colors and gave the floor a classy look. And some parts of one wall are also painted with same red as the tiles.Make a shelf like place inside the wall where you can keep small items like soaps, bottles of shampoos and others. And paint it black. To match with this paint the frame of the door with black too. You can paint a thin black layer on wall same like in this image. Even the sink and the mirror is matching with everything. This is called a perfect bathroom.

  13. Small Blue & white

    Photo credit: http://www.lifestyle.com.au

    This small bathroom have everything we need.
    Most attractive thing here for me is the white brick pattern on the wall. Don’t only make smooth walls when you can give those patterns like this.
    Paint half of the wall with a second color same like this make it look better. Keeping a long vase with artificial flowers or branches at a corner will also be a good idea for attraction.

  14. Blue & White

    Photo credit: http://www.pinterest.com

    Look at the colors and the decoration. Everything is smooth and shiny. And you can seen a shower room is built at one side. you might have seen but it is very rare. No one will complain how small this bathroom actually is if they see it designed like this.I guess, if we bath here, then our tensions will also wash away with the dirt.

  15. White, Green & wooden

    Photo credit: http://pinterest.com

    Having a boring colorless bathroom? Then paint one whole wall with this green and attach some nature friendly paintings on the wall. Get a green chair and green long vase too. It will change the whole look.Look how perfectly someone has made an amenity with a sink over it. This will help you to save more space.Put a big, white and fluffy rug over the floor for more perfection.